FMP new idea – Depression

I have decided to change my project and before I start I thought I had to say how I feel about the subject. I think the best way to describe my project is to say the film I am going to make is about depression. Images of depression are always criticized for over simplifying the complex feelings, which I agree with at times. I’m not going to do my film like the images and metaphors I have seen on depression because they are not what I want to do. But, I do plan to discuss them now and take some inspiration from them.

The best way to argue for the  images and depictions of depression it is to compare it to love, since they are both incredibly strong feelings and like Love nothing in your life prepares you for the feeling and it is different for everyone. But, also almost everyone has felt something close to love at some point so they can relate to it a bit better.

So if I was to talk about love my words would mean nothing unless the person listening has felt the exact same feelings,  because everyone’s experience of love is different, so if I was to write about love on a piece of paper it would mean less to everyone than it does me. This is the same for any emotion or any problem anyone has.

Depictions of love even though they are simplified they still help to understand the feelings you go through when in love. If these images of depression help people to understand ,even if only slightly, they can’t be bad. And I have to take inspiration from all different sources because I can’t make the film from just my experiences alone.

Mainly our main understanding of depression (unless you have had it) is just written and spoken word and even though I don’t think they are particularly damaging it is no way to portray depression because it isn’t words on a piece of paper, just like love isn’t. I could make a film of images showing the most cliche version of depression and even though I don’t think that is by definition a bad thing,  but I don’t think it truly shows depression. I also, don’t claim to be able to put across the complex feelings perfectly, I can’t. And I am not going to apologize if my film doesn’t show the perfect representation of depression because I don’t think any piece of media can.

At its core My film is going to be about the journey of one man who needs someone to say something we have all needed to hear at some point “You’re not alone“.  Which most people have felt and can relate too.

But, then again what do I know.

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